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The Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals has been serving the Spokane and surrounding areas for more than 60 Years as a local chapter of the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals).


We regularly provide events to help provide encouragement, support and training for pastors and leaders.  We are continually working together in partnership with churches, para-church ministries, and various organizations


Resources and Networks are the heartbeat of the Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals.  We are working hard to connect leaders, volunteers, ministries and resources together to advance the Kingdom

We can use your help.

"How great it is to trust in the Lord, completely. We have no idea what such embracing His covenant can do for GSAE, Spokane, and our nation." -David Wallace

Promo Video

Promo Video

God is moving to create unity in the Church in Spokane! Ministry leader Rodney McAuley, Pastors Joe Wittwer and John Repsold, businessman Dallas Low, all testify about how God is working. Support the work God is doing at our DONATE page.

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