One of the most appealing features of a sportsbook is its signup bonus. These bonuses are offered by nearly every sportsbook online, and they are often the main attraction for many players. For some, deposit bonuses are even more important than the overall odds and payout speed. Below, we’ll briefly go over some of the different types of sportsbook bonuses.

Off-the-board betting

Off-the-board betting involves placing a bet on a game that has been taken off the sportsbook’s board, usually due to injury or a weather-related delay. You can also bet on the over/under total of a specific number of goals, points, or runs, or on a parlay (betting on multiple events with the same odds). This type of betting is popular with sports bettors but requires a significant capital investment and a strong knowledge of sports betting odds.

Customer service is also an important factor to consider when choosing a sportsbook. Ideally, you should be able to contact customer support representatives at all hours of the day. You should also consider the maximum bet limits and minimum bet amounts. This can help you determine whether the sportsbook is safe for small-time bettors.

Point-spread betting

The point-spread is a way to even the playing field between two teams. This strategy is often used in football games and other sports where the underdog is considered a favorite. The point-spread is calculated by adding or subtracting half a point to the final score of the team that is the favorite compared to the underdog. When a team wins after the point-spread is modified, it will win the game.

There are certain rules for point-spread betting at a sports book. Some restrict the number that can be modified by the spread, while others only allow half-point spreads. This allows the book to keep your stake in case the team you bet on doesn’t cover the spread.

Parlay betting

Parlay betting at a sportsbook is an exciting form of betting. It involves combining bets on two or more different games, such as a straight-up MLB game and a basketball point spread bet. These bets are also known as accumulators and combo bets. The goal is to get all of your selected bets to win at the same time.

The payout from parlays is generally higher than a single game, but they do carry a higher risk. Parlays can consist of three general bets: moneyline, Over/Under, and point spreads.

Enhanced odds betting

When you sign up for sportsbook enhanced odds betting, you will be able to receive even higher odds than usual. These offers typically are posted one or two days before the big event. You can also get boosted odds on different types of events. While you’re checking out different sportsbooks, be sure to check the terms and conditions to see if you’ll be eligible for these promotions.

While enhanced odds betting is highly tempting, it’s important to remember that it comes with strict terms and conditions. You will often have to register as a new customer, and there’s usually a maximum stake. This is because bookmakers don’t want to pay out too much. In addition, enhanced odds bets may pay out in the form of bet tokens with separate terms and conditions.

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